What Happened to TheZoneFM?

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What Happened to TheZoneFM?

Post  Charlie on Wed Jul 06, 2011 6:16 am

Hello, I have got e-mails from people saying what happened to thezonefm? I'll get right to the point!
1) Copywrite (©) Some things on out site have copywrite protection! Which means they can sue
us, I don't have enough money if I did get sued!

2) No Music License, all things that publish music publicly HAVE to have a music license, I do not have one! Two people got sued! The first £1 for every song and he had 44,000 songs! The second £25 for every song and he also had 44,000 songs!
1st person = £44,000
2nd person = £1,100,000

Both of there parents had to sell there houses!
So i have stopped due to these two reasons! Please enjoy my forum! The address is:
It will say in the adress bar for people who have been re-directed from thezonefm.net.tf/
It will still say thezonefm.net.tf (Because of masking)


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